London street

London (00)

Last month I had the chance to spent a couple of days in London. It has been ages since I posted some street photographs…

London (20)

Despite the expectations, the weather was awesome! At the beginning, it was quite hard to shoot street again. Felt like, I have to start all over again.

London (19)

Don’t remember where that was.

London (27)

Had to do a couple of sigthseeing shots too. Tower Bridge.

London (13)

On one of the many bus rides. Sat there all the way.

London (23)

Thought a grim looking bus driver would make a good picture. Didn’t really work out. Although I quite like that the photo looks like from the 50s.

London (28)

Another one of these places.

London (21)

Met up with the girls. They knew where to go.

London (22)


London (10)

Went to the Tate one day. Millenium Bridge here.

London (9)

Overwhelmed and tired from looking at great art.

London (8)

Scene in one of the parks.

London (18)

Somewhere in Camden Town.

London (16)

Lunch at a little river. Indian food.

London (29)

So many of these tattooed people, advertising tattoo-removal.

London (30)

The place we were staying at.

London (12)

St. James Park. I think.

London (5)

Brick Lane. Going through many flea markets. Great place.

London (3)

Peter. The german englishman.

London (2)


London (6)

Musician at the Brick Lane.

London (14)

Random shot.

London (1)

Back at Heathrow. Thought my waiting neighbour would make a funny shot.


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  1. These look great, love the black and white

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