Thailand (part four)

20130228_Thailand_1479 Kopie

(This will be the last set of pictures from Thailand. This time less words, more pictures.) From Bangkok, we once again went to the train station a Hua Lamphong. This time, the train took as donw south. First stop was Surat Thani where we boarded an interesting looking bus.

20130227_Thailand_1532 Kopie

Pete had to catch up on some sleep.

20130227_Thailand_1536 Kopie

He was not the only one.

20130227_Thailand_1544 Kopie

We then reached this beautiful lake…

20130227_Thailand_1559 Kopie 20130227_Thailand_1573 Kopie

The lime stones around us where massive.

20130227_Thailand_1604 Kopie

Our friendly boat driver…

20130227_Thailand_1582 Kopie  20130227_Thailand_1607 Kopie

The weather became better and better.

20130227_Thailand_1625 Kopie

We felt like in a movie scene sometimes.

20130227_Thailand_1626 Kopie

What a beautiful resort.

20130227_Thailand_1631 Kopie

20130227_Thailand_1648 Kopie

20130227_Thailand_1655 Kopie

20130227_Thailand_1670 Kopie

Our lunch happened to be straight out of the water.


20130227_Thailand_1672 Kopie

Riding back, tired and happy.

20130227_Thailand_1720 Kopie

For the night, we stayed at a tree house right in the middle of the jungle. There were snakes, bugs and everything you would expect. But it was one of the best places we ever stayed. This was the view out of or sleeping room.

20130228_Thailand_1469 Kopie

20130227_Thailand_1698 Kopie

Just next to our little balcony, monkeys were chilling and playing.

20130227_Thailand_1719 Kopie

This was from where we observed them.

20130228_Thailand_1482 Kopie

The next day, we boared the ferry to Koh Samui.

20130228_Thailand_1492 Kopie

Were so happy to reach the sea….

20130228_Thailand_1504 Kopie

First evening in Koh Samui.

20130301_Thailand_1463 Kopie

Next day at the beach.

20130301_Thailand_2301 Kopie 20130301_Thailand_2303 Kopie 20130301_Thailand_2305 Kopie

One of the best curries in Thailand. It was then when we realized we were sunburned.

20130302_Thailand_2217 Kopie

Because Koh Samui was way to crowed with buff looking, drunken tourists, we went directly to Koh Tao.

20130302_Thailand_2231 Kopie 20130302_Thailand_2232 Kopie 20130302_Thailand_2241 Kopie

And, I tell you… it was beautiful.

20130302_Thailand_2251 Kopie 20130302_Thailand_2261 Kopie

Sunset on the first evening.

20130303_Thailand_2042 Kopie

Beachtime the next day… Barely anyone around…

20130303_Thailand_2047 Kopie 20130303_Thailand_2071 Kopie 20130303_Thailand_2076 Kopie

Pad Thai. Don’t know how often I ate it.

20130303_Thailand_2093 Kopie  20130303_Thailand_2114 Kopie 20130303_Thailand_2115 Kopie

Koh Tao was a very friendly place. Had a wonderful time there.

20130303_Thailand_2116 Kopie 20130303_Thailand_2119 Kopie 20130303_Thailand_2134 Kopie

Even at 8 to 9 o’clock in the evening, the waters was still warm.

20130303_Thailand_2147 Kopie 20130303_Thailand_2151 Kopie 20130304_Thailand_1957 Kopie

Koh Tao is also known for its rich underwater world. Of course, we went snorkeling.

20130304_Thailand_1966 Kopie 20130304_Thailand_1967 Kopie 20130304_Thailand_1982 Kopie

This image was taken on Koh Nangyuan. A smaller island close to Koh Tao. Beautiful diving spots.

20130304_Thailand_1984 - Kopie

Perfect water.

20130304_Thailand_2004 Kopie 20130304_Thailand_2011 Kopie

Finally going back…. taking the cheap and overcrowded backpacker ferry. Worst boat trip ever.

20130304_Thailand_2021 Kopie

Little buddha, as Maria said.

20130305_Thailand_1834 Kopie

Back in Bangkok for some nights. Explored some places that we haven’t seen yet.

20130305_Thailand_1866 Kopie

20130306_Thailand_1793 Kopie

On a clothes market. 20130306_Thailand_1787 Kopie

So much weirdness in this picture…

20130306_Thailand_1795 Kopie

And yes, they can sleep anywhere.

20130306_Thailand_1808 Kopie 20130305_Thailand_1869 Kopie

At the Bangkok Art Centre…

20130305_Thailand_1881 Kopie

20130306_Thailand_1815 Kopie

Last dinner in Bangkok.

20130305_Thailand_1888 Kopie 20130305_Thailand_1890 Kopie

20130305_Thailand_1931 Kopie

View from our wonderful hotel room.

20130305_Thailand_1934 Kopie 20130305_Thailand_1935 Kopie

Goodbye Thailand! We will be back sometime soon….


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