I finally got around to post these images. I have spent a week in the alps, doing nothing but skiing and boarding.   Snow quality was great. Sun was out every day!   Had been quite some time since I took photos like these. It does really look like it, but we were almost blown […]

Ski (2)

A little preview. Will do a longer blog post about an amazing week in the alps very soon. Canon 5D, 85mm.

Lisboa (14) Title

A couple of pictures from Lisboa. What a beautiful city!   Up in the air – Back to Germany.

Walden Feature

“In wilderness is the preservation of the world” Henry David Thoreau Life is quite busy around these days, but I am happy to share a couple of medium format pictures of my on-going series “Walden” or “Give me truth”. You can see a current state of it here or go back to the first post […]


The simplest pictures make me happy… June 2013 Rolleiflex X, Acros.

London (13)

Last month I had the chance to spent a couple of days in London. It has been ages since I posted some street photographs… Despite the expectations, the weather was awesome! At the beginning, it was quite hard to shoot street again. Felt like, I have to start all over again. Don’t remember where that […]


Before all pictures just rotten on my hard drive, I’ll do better do another post. You know you plan a long trip to the other side of the world and you know that you have to change planes somewhere in the middle, it is always this question if you should stay at that point a […]

20130303_Thailand_2147 Kopie

(This will be the last set of pictures from Thailand. This time less words, more pictures.) From Bangkok, we once again went to the train station a Hua Lamphong. This time, the train took as donw south. First stop was Surat Thani where we boarded an interesting looking bus. Pete had to catch up on […]


Here comes part three… still have a lots of photos to share. Once we returned from the hilltribe treks, we spent a couple of days in Chiang Mai which is know for its many many thousands of temples. I found this Buddha statue to be particulary beautiful. The architecture of some of the temples was […]

Feature Thailand II

This is the second set of images. If you’ve missed the first part, please click here. It will tell you how we came to be on 16 hours night train to Chiang Mai. We felt like it was a good idea to travel overnight. We didn’t have to pay extra accomodation and were able to […]

Thailand (1)

Somewhere over the Arabian desert, February 2013. When I was thinking about going to Thailand, all I was thinking about was the food. I really like thai food and one of the best things about going to Asia is the culinary adventure it is going to be. But what am I talking about. Like every […]

Great photographs, Feature

In the first part of the this series called “What makes a great photograph?” I tried to explain what it is about portraiture that is appealing and under what circumstances we judge an image as “great”. When I wrote about the function of photography as a help to remember, I realized there is a lot […]

Elena Feature

Haven’t shown that many images lately. And I still think, that I might write more in future as you guess after the recent posts. But nevertheless, inbetween I will show some of my work. This time a digital session with Elena. And as compensation for the last to posts, only images, no words.  Hope you […]

The photographic memory, feature

Schwarzwald, Canon A1, some cheap roll. It seems obvious that photography serves as a medium to preserve moments. They show us what is already gone. More particular, a moment that was and can not happen again. So of course a lot of people (including me) use photography as a way to remember certain events, people, […]

About portraiture , Feature

For most people, it is fairly easy to judge a portrait as good. In galleries or museums, we easily connect to certain images and say: “This portrait was very well executed by the photographer.” But if we would ask ourselves what it is exactly about this portrait that makes us judge it as a well […]